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The museum is made up of two buildings, containing sixteen different and unique rooms.

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Room #1: Show Low Room
room 1

This first room of the museum tells the story of Show Low from its native ancestors of the 1100's – 1500's right through to the present. The room contains beautiful pieces of ancient pottery, and pictures of Cooley and his family.

Room #2: Military Memorial
room 2

This room honors the Military personnel from Show Low. In this room, there are free activities available for kids.

Room #3: The Rodeo Chedeski Fire
room 3

The Rodeo Chedeski fire, which occurred in 2002, is the 4th largest fire in the U.S. The room has artifacts, photos, personal stories, and information on the fire. This room has free activities for kids.

Room #4: EB Lewis Room
room 4

EB Lewis owned the Cash and Carry Antique Store, he was a carver, an artist, collector, trader, and one of the cities favorite people. This room celebrates his life and tells all that he did.

Room #5: The Woolford Family
room 5

The Woolford family were important to the community in the beginning years. George Woolford was a county sheriff, carpenter and part time dentist. While Lily Woolford ran a small motel and cafe. This room has many family made and loved articles telling their story.

Room #6: Reidhead Room
room 6

This room holds many artifacts from a personal collection given to the museum. There is pottery from the four corner states- AZ, NM, CO, UT and are around 1100-years-old. Other artifacts in the room include, dolls, matates, shells, sand and oil paintings, arrowheads and information on AZ natives. This room has free activities for kids.

Room #7: McNary Room
room 7

In 1924 William Cady moved 500 Louisiana employees to what was then Cooley, AZ to start a mill operation. Then in 1926, James McNary, a financial partner to Mr. Cady was elected president of the mill after Mr. Cady was in a railroad motor handcar accident. The town was then named McNary. The mill produced lumber from nearby trees and became the center for commerce with having the main store, theatre, hospital and barber shop. The room holds precious items from the old McNary school and the barber shop, as well as, mill pictures and articles about the town.

Room #8: Quilt Room
room 8

As the name indicates, this room has quilts on display on loan by Show Low citizens. This room has free activities for kids.

Room #9: Post Office
room 9

Show Low has had an amazing 19 different post offices since the 1870's. Many were located in homes. This museum room was an approved post office for one day, May 3rd, 2003 when Show Low celebrated its 50th Anniversary of incorporation as a city and also February 14th, 2012 for the celebration of Arizona’s 100th Birthday, processing over 4000 pieces of mail on that day. This room was selected as a State Legacy Project for the Arizona Centennial Celebration.

Room #10: Black Smith Shop
room 10

The “shop” here contains early carpentry tools from the Matkin family, father and son were both carpenters and furriers.

Room #11: Borego Kitchen
room 11

The “shop” here contains early carpentry tools from the Matkin family, father and son were both carpenters and furriers.

Room #12: Jail Room
room 12

This unique building started off as a sports goods store. It was purchased by the city to become the city hall and police station. The jail was used to hold inmates, generally over night, until they could be transferred to the jail at Holbrook, the County Seat.

Room #13: Whipple Family Room
room 13

“Winkie” Whipple was the president of our Historical Society for many years. He was a rancher, a helper with the county road construction, and knew how to cook great barbecue. He worked with the City of Show Low, and this room has many pictures, artifacts and stories of his family.

Room #14: Old Businesses Room
room 14

This room displays artifacts from many of the old businesses, as well as, pictures of the buildings and workers.

Room #15: 2012 Room
room 15

This room will be open until December 31, 2012 and represents the AZ Centennial for 2012. It shows the past, present and future of Show Low.
It was selected as a State Legacy Project by the State of Arizona.

Room #16: Railroad
room 16

The working display in this room is from the Silver Creek Railroad Club. It features the, “Last Train to Maverick.” The hallway leading to the room has pictures of the roads to Show Low, maps of the town and photos of the old Apache Railroad train. Also selected as a State Legacy Project by the State of Arizona for the Centennial. This room has free activities for kids.