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Established in 1995 by five people: Joe Woolford, Jackie Solomon, Dr. Albert Armstrong, Louis Rawlings and Jo Ann Hatch. Some are descendents of the original Mormon families who started Show Low.

One day the five Mormon residents realized they had quite the collection of old stuff. Needing a place to keep all of their unique items safe, they decided together to find a place to keep it. When the old police building in town became available they knew they had the perfect location.

Although the museum does not in the strictest sense follow Historical Society rules, it is still one of the most loved and supported. Most of the descendents have never left Show Low. Some went off to school but eventually came back. Because we have chosen to maintain the museum as it was when it first started, we have great support from the residents in Show Low, as well as, the City Proper.

The museum allows for people to come in and see their ancestors portrayed, and in doing so they can bring in their own stories to share and more artifacts.

We are truly a living museum.

The Show Low museum houses 6000 sq. feet and has 16 rooms.

There is no charge to enter. Donations are welcomed.

A very special thank you to Owens Livingston Mortuary for the donation of this website and for all the help.

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